16 Time management tips

It is said that those who have the ability to effectively manage time, manage to save half of his life.

You can verify this yourself in 20-30 years, but today, these skills can help everyone:

  • work on projects faster without compromising quality;
  • perform tasks without stress;
  • be more productive;
  • leave time for yourself and enjoy life, and finally …
  • keep up with everything.

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It is so possible to achieve personal effectiveness to all successful people who are very productive.

Today, anyone can learn how to make optimal use of their time. To do this, should adopt a few simple rules.

1. Work part time – Time management tips

If some time to observe his body, each person will be able to define your own biorhythms, including watches, which account for the peak of activity. It was at this time, you can work with maximum efficiency.Thus be able to catch a lot in a short period of time.

2. Prioritization- Time management tips

Not to spend the most time on minor tasks, it is important to distinguish between cases identified in order of importance. The criteria may be different: the urgency of the project to the financial motivation.

3. Information filtering- Time management tips

In order not to overload the brain with unnecessary information and do not waste your time on them, you must learn to sift the information you need tons of those contained in the Internet. Must be able to briefly examine the files and pages that do not read everything, to dwell only on what is really needed and develop the skills of fast reading.

4. Mailbox, social networks and sites should help, not “cannibalize” time- Time management tips

This is a real “underwater” stone for those who work online. It is on a constant check mail and communication in social networks takes the lion’s share of time each freelancer. At the time the work is best to disable ICQ, Skype and social networks. Alternatively, you can explain to friends, colleagues, that the status of “busy” you are working and you can not communicate with them on any matter. No harm will be as useless to rank classes and put them in a case, do not bring any benefit and not to approach the target.

5. Routine work better automate- Time management tips

Each web – there are employee actions that are performed every day. Visiting the same page, the postal service and so on. It is convenient, when these tasks are performed automatically. For example, you can not close the page at the end of the day, the browser returns to the previous session.

To stay abreast of the status of your mail, you can install a program that will issue a notice of receipt of new letters.

6. Focus on one task- Time management tips

The more cases performed simultaneously, the lower the efficiency. Should not jump to the new task before the previous is completed.

7. Useful experience professionals- Time management tips

In every area of ​​activity there are certainly people who know some tricks to help them facilitate the work, manage time. Their advice can help multiply your results.

8. His office- Time management tips

Working from home is often paired with another opportunity to escape, especially if the house is one of the relatives. If you rent an office, productivity-line worker could increase a hundredfold. Individual workstations will concentrate on the business and not be distracted.

9. Plan- Time management tips

10/90 rule states that 10% of the time spent on planning before the start of the problem, save 90% for its resolution. Plan is necessary from largest to smallest, to move from short-term to long-term plans.

Challenge better to split into smaller sub-tasks, on the basis of a decision tree, the main task – tree trunk, and subtasks – its branches. “Branched” can be practiced as long as the implementation of the plan will not be simple and clear.

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10. Frog for breakfast- Time management tips

Brian Tracy, one of the most successful business consultant, calls the “frog” the most unpleasant and important work to be performed during the day. Postponing it formed an excess of emotional stress and related adverse consequences. It is necessary to start the day is with the case – you get a positive charge for the whole day.

11. The word “no” saves time- Time management tips

It is important to learn to give up and say “no” problems (and men) who are not among the elect.

12. Clean the table- Time management tips

Effective business work for tidy up the table. Dustbin – one of the most effective tools to manage time.

13. The principle of equilibrium- Time management tips

Need to be monitored to everything in life is in balance. This is true for a balance between work and personal time. Even if you work to exhaustion, still do not get cheated body, and if you do not stop by itself, it will do it by force. This is not included in the plans of effective time management!

14. The right tools- Time management tips

It is necessary to critically evaluate and possibly improve your arsenal. Perhaps the low speed of the Internet or on a laptop – it is one of the factors of inefficient use of their time.

15. The measured pace- Time management tips

Working, do not rush too much, otherwise the effect will be the opposite of the expected work: most of the errors may be due to the haste, and as a result of any work completed after the deadline, or it is returned for revision.

16. Take the day off- Time management tips

The ability to find time for the output is very important for effective time management. Rest allows you to restore all the resources of the body – a tired employee is unlikely to catch everything. Therefore, when you relax, you also do time management!

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Cloud Computing Definition – What is it and Concept?

The major players of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a concept of deportation on remote server’s computer processing traditionally located on the user’s machine. Although Anglicism Cloud computing is widely used in Europe, there are also the francisations “cloud computing”, “cloud computing”, “cloud computing” or “cloud computing.”

This concept is seen as a major development by some analysts or as a trap by others as including Richard Stallman. Users or companies are no longer managers of their computer servers but can access scalable to many online services without having to manage the underlying infrastructure, often complex. Applications and data longer on the local computer, but – metaphorically speaking – in a cloud (“cloud”) consisting of a number of remote servers interconnected by means of excellent bandwidth necessary fluidity system. Access to the service is readily available through a standard application, most of the time a web browser.

What is Cloud Computing?

The design specification in the cloud is similar to the distribution of electrical energy. Computing power and storage of information is proposed for consumption by specialized companies. Therefore, companies no longer need to own servers, but trust this resource to a company that guarantees their computing power and storage on demand.

According to corporate approaches are distinguished three forms of cloud computing:

Internal private clouds,
External private clouds,
Public clouds and.
This concept is grouped by the Anglo-Saxons under the term “elastic computing capacity.” The National Institute of Standards and Technology has given a succinct definition which reflects these basic principles.

The Syntec Informatique, in its White Paper Cloud Computing, presents three models: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

In the classic model (not cloud), the company maintains: applications, runtimes, SOA integration, databases, server software, virtualization, server hardware, storage, networks.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the first cloud model, where:

Company maintains: applications, runtimes, SOA integration, databases, and server software;
The cloud provider maintains: virtualization, server hardware, storage, networks.


The Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the second cloud model, where:

Company only maintains applications;
The cloud provider maintains: runtimes, SOA integration, databases, server software, virtualization, server hardware, storage, networks.


Software as a service (SaaS) is the ultimate model of cloud, where the cloud provider maintains: applications, runtimes, SOA integration, databases, server software, virtualization, server hardware, storage networks.

SaaS, often associated with “cloud computing” can be seen as an economic model of consumer applications: these are consumed and paid on demand (per user per minute of use, for example) and not acquired by purchase of licenses. SaaS can therefore as such base on an IT infrastructure in the cloud.

History of Cloud Computing

Long before the term “cloud computing” is born, network architects (those who design networks intra and inter-firm) schematically Internet cloud in their sketches. In English, so we talked about “the cloud”, which meant little to close the Internet as we know it. The cloud then conjured a connection to an indefinite amount of users and not services as we understand it now.

2009 Report of Cloud Computing

In 2009, fewer than 10% of respondents mentioned already use cloud computing services in the field of hosting their infrastructure and applications. By 2011 and beyond, companies should take an interest in gaining support for these services because, depending on the proposed cloud computing (private, internal, external, or public private); they should be between two and a three- to use it. The trend seems, however, for the internal private clouds although companies are not restricted to these services must and should definitely combine the solutions together.


the architecture of cloud computing building blocks.

Cloud computing systems

There are already several systems such as Amazon EC2 cloud computing, Windows Azure and Google App Engine and different APIs for communicating with these systems. Amazon API, Amazon EC2 is probably the most popular because of its service launched with a major advertising medium. Several tools are compatible with this API.

Eucalyptus, free system using Xen virtualization and Java. It is distributed with the version of Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jack lope” (released April 2009).
GEclipse is a free cloud system management and grid computing using Eclipse; it is compatible with Amazon EC2 and S3 systems. It also uses the Java language.
Dot River, complete managed service for virtualizing desktops exclusively of open source solutions.
Systemic, integrated solution that combines virtualization desktops and application virtualization into a single management console. Software applications
The online software like Google Apps, Office Web Apps or Lotus Live (IBM) for example can be seen as the software part emerged from this new way of designing IT. Similarly, the operating systems could be offered remotely through virtualization technologies.
Storage of Cloud Computing

Online storage services are used to store data and documents without having to continually increase the number of servers or size of SAN.

The following services based on cloud computing:

Amazon Simple Storage Service;
Dot spirit
Drop box
Live Mesh (Live Desktop component);
MobileMe (iDisk component);
Windows Azure storage…
Main actors of Cloud Computing

Amazon, Google, IBM, Intel, Red Hat and Microsoft are among the leading companies in the sector.

In late July 2008, Intel, Hewlett Packard and Yahoo! have partnered to promote research in the field of cloud computing. The first initiative is the creation of a distributed environment (Cloud Computing Test Bed) facilitating research and software testing, administration of data centers and equipment associated with cloud computing at an unprecedented scale. For this operation, the three partners have combined the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (en), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Infrastructure of Cloud Computing

The majority of IT infrastructure in the cloud consists of services provided by the next generation of data centers based on virtualization technologies of computing and storage.

The spread of broadband Internet connections optimizes the centralized infrastructure response time.

Special features

Benefits of Cloud Computing

The pooling of equipment to optimize costs compared to conventional systems and develops shared applications without the need to have its own machines for the calculation.

As virtualization, cloud computing is more economical thanks to its scalability. Indeed, the cost depends on the duration of use of the service and requires no prior investment (human or machine). Note also that the cloud’s elasticity allows providing scalable services and therefore bearing the costs mounted.

For example, Salesforce.com, a pioneer in the field of cloud computing processes data from 54 000 companies, and their 1.5 million employees, with only 1000 servers (March 2009).

Moreover, and this is an argument put forward by the cloud application providers, services are highly reliable as based on efficient infrastructure with effective fault-tolerance policies (including replicas).


Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

The NGO Greenpeace denounces the negative impact of cloud computing in the 2010 report on the ecological impact of the IT sector (see section IT and sustainable development).

Other problems are:

Securing the access to the application between the client and the remote server. We can also add the general security problem of the corporate network: no cloud computing, a company can put part of its network locally and without any connection (direct or indirect) to the Internet for high confidentiality reasons by example. In the case of cloud computing, it will connect to the Internet these positions (directly or not) and thus put them at risk of attack or privacy violations.
Companies lose control over the location of their data and application life cycle.
It is entirely possible to store sensitive corporate data in secure spaces in intra-extra companies to avoid both the risks of storing on external servers and those related to the flow of data up at these servers.
The legal issues raised notably by the abstraction property on the location of cloud computing data.

Reviews of Cloud Computing

Richard Stallman, GNU behind the cloud computing “is a trap,” users lose control of their applications. This free software activist sees an advertising concept without interest, joining the criticism expressed by Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, that it is a fad.

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Cholesterol – Cholesterol Definition and Concept

If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store or food market, you’ve probably seen foods with labels on them that say “low in cholesterol.” But what is cholesterol, and why is it a good thing for food to be low in it?

Cholesterol and Your Body

Cholesterol (say: kuh-LES-tuh-rawl) is a type of fat found in your blood.

Your liver makes cholesterol for your body. You also can get cholesterol from the foods you eat. Meat, fish, eggs, butter, cheese, and whole or low-fat milk all have cholesterol in them.

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You Need a Little, Not a Lot

You need some cholesterol to help your brain, skin, and other organs grow and do their jobs in the body. But eating too much of it is a bad idea, especially for people whose bodies already make too much cholesterol.

It floats around in your blood and can get into the walls of the blood vessels and stay there. If you have too much cholesterol in your bloodstream, a lot can collect in the blood vessel walls, causing these “pipes” to become narrower. This can clog the blood vessels and keep blood from moving freely the way it’s supposed to.

If the clogging gets worse over many years, it can cause damage to important body parts, like the heart (heart attack) and brain (stroke). Both kids and adults can have too much cholesterol in their blood.

Doctors can find out what your cholesterol level is by taking a little of your blood and testing it.

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Two Types of Cholesterol

There are two main types of cholesterol: HDL and LDL. Most cholesterol is LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is more likely to clog blood vessels because it carries the cholesterol away from the liver into the bloodstream, where it can stick to the blood vessels.

HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, on the other hand, carries the cholesterol back to the liver where it is broken down.

Here’s a way to remember the difference: the LDL cholesterol is the bad kind, so call it “lousy” cholesterol — “l” for lousy. The HDL is the good cholesterol, so remember it as “healthy” cholesterol — “h” for healthy.

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Cholesterol and Eating Well

What are some foods that have a lot of choleste-rol? Meat, eggs, butter, cheese, and milk (and stuff that’s made with some of these things, like most cakes) have cholesterol. Fruits, vegetables, and grains (like oatmeal) don’t have any cholesterol.

In addition to choleste-rol, it’s a good idea to limit the amount of saturated fats and Trans fats, which can raise cholesterol levels in your blood. They are most often found in high-cholesterol foods, some margarine, and many store-bought baked goods like cookies, crackers, and snack cakes.

It’s also a good idea to get plenty of exercise to help control the amount of cholesterol in your blood and keep your heart and blood vessels healthy.

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Noun, Biochemistry


A sterol, C 27 H 46 O, which occurs in all animal tissues, especially in thebrain, spinal cord, and adipose tissue, functioning chiefly as aprotective agent in the skin and myelin sheaths of nerve cells, adetoxifier in the bloodstream, and as a precursor of many steroids: deposits of cholesterol form in certain pathological conditions, asgallstones and atherosclerotic plaques.


The commercial form of this compound, obtained from the spinal cordof cattle, used chiefly as an emulsifying agent in cosmetics andpharmaceuticals, and in the synthesis of vitamin D.

Examples from the web for cholesterol Expand

  • Dozens of measures, individually or together, can help to lower choleste-rol.
  • High cholesterol is endemic and contributes to strokes and heart attacks.
  • Studies have found this leads to lower fat storage and lower choleste-rollevels, among other benefits.

British Dictionary definitions for cholesterol Expand


A sterol found in all animal tissues, blood, bile, and animal fats: aprecursor of other body steroids. A high level of cholesterol in the bloodis implicated in some cases of atherosclerosis, leading to heartdisease. Formula: C 27 H 45 OH Former name cholesterol

Word Origin

C19: from chole- + Greek stereos hard, solid, so called because firstobserved in gallstones

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Word Origin and History for cholesterol Expand

White, solid substance present in body tissues, 1894, earlier cholesterin, from French cholestrine (Chevreul, 1827), from Greek khole “bile” (seecholera ) + steros “solid, stiff” (see sterility ). So called because originallyfound in gallstones (Conradi, 1775). The name was changed to the modernform (with chemical suffix -ol, denoting an alcohol) after the compound wasdiscovered to be a secondary alcohol.

  • Medicine Expand

a white crystalline substance found in animal tissues and various foods, normally synthesized by the liver and important as a constituent of cellmembranes and a precursor to steroid hormones. Its level in thebloodstream can influence the pathogenesis of certain conditions, such asthe development of atherosclerotic plaque and coronary artery disease.

  • Science Expand

CholesterolA sterol found widely in animal and plant tissues. It is main component ofblood plasma and cell membranes, and it is an important precursor of manysteroid hormones (such as the estrogens, testosterone, and cortisol), vitamin D 2, and bile acids. In vertebrates, cholesterol is manufactured bythe liver or absorbed from food in the intestine. Higher than normalamounts of cholesterol in the blood are associated with higher risk fordeveloping coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis. Chemical formula: C 27 H 46 O.

  • Culture Expand

A white soapy substance found in the tissues of the body and in certainfoods, such as animal fats, oils, and egg yolks. Cholesterol has been linkedto heart disease and atherosclerosis. (It collects on the walls of arteries andinterferes with the flow of blood.) High levels of cholesterol in the blood areconsidered to be unhealthy.

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Browser Definition – What is Browser and concept?  

What is a browser, browser or search engine?

  • A Web Explorer or Navigator is a program that lets you view web pages on the net as well as access to other resources, and save documents stored information.
  • The browser communicates with the server via the HTTP protocol and asks the requested HTML file, then interprets and displays to the user.
  • The most popular are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.Some browsers are integrated into the OS as Internet Explorer in Windows.
  1. A browser or web browser – known in English as web browser – is a program orsoftware , usually free, that allows us to view web pages through Internet as well as access to other information resources hosted also on web servers , as they can be videos, images, audio and XML files.
  2. But a browser also allows us to store information or access to different types of documents on the hard disk, etc, accessing private networks, and create markers (bookmarks).
  3. Access to other web pages via hyperlinks (hyperlinks or links) is called navigation, term that derives the name of browser, although a minority prefer to call browser would be the literal translation of the word browser.
  4. Some browsers are built into your operating system as is the case with Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari on Mac OS X, or Firefox, Opera or Flock in Linux.
  5. But how a browser to access information from the Internet?

As browsers work

  • Browsers communicate with web servers through hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) to access the Internet addresses (URLs) through thesearch engines.
  • Most web browsers support other network protocols such as HTTPS (the secure version of HTTP), Gopher and FTP, and markup languages ​​or HTML and XHTML web standards documents.Browsers also interact with supplements or applications (plug-ins) to support Flash files and programs in Java (Java applets).

Common features of browsers

  • All browsers include most of the following features: tabbed browsing, popup blocker, search engine support, download manager, bookmarks, spell checker, and keyboard shortcuts.To maintain privacy almost all browsers provide easy ways to delete cookies, web caches and history.
  • The suites of Internet web browsers are those that include integrated software capable of reading Usenet news, emails, and IRC, which are text chats in real time via IMAP, POP and NNTP protocols.
  • Typically use the HTTPS security protocol through cryptographic protocols SSL / TLS to secure data exchange with web servers.They also tend to have antiphishing and antimalware protection.

Types of browsers or web browsers

  • Some browsers or web browsers most popular are: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome and Flock.
  • Other browsers are not as well known: Maxthon, Avant, DeepNet, PhaseOut, SpaceTime, Amaya …

Internet Explorer Browser

  • Internet Explorer (IE) is built into Microsoft Windows operating system with the mailer Outlook Express.It has been the most used browser in the world since 1999, although since 2002 it has been losing market share at a slow but steady pace due to its major competitor, Mozilla Firefox, which has even surpassed Internet Explorer sometimes.
  • With the rendering engine (motor sailing) Trident supports HTML 4.01, CSS Level 1, XML 1.0 and DOM Level 1, small gaps in implementation also supports XSLT 1.0 and WD-xsl, and partially supports CSS Level 2 and DOM Level 2 major shortcomings of implementation, while for MAC rendering engine is Tasman.
  • For some time it has been receiving criticism from many users who attributed many security flaws or incompatibility with web standards like CSS, XHTML and PNG, and less functionality than other web browsers.
  • There are several versions of Internet Explorer for UNIX and Mac operating systems. The latest version for Windows is Internet Explorer 8.0.which Microsoft describes as faster, easier and safer as well as allowing the user to access information in less clicks than other browsers.

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Mozilla Firefox Browser

  • Forefox Mozilla browser is a free software and open source, developed by the Mozilla Corporation, the Mozilla Foundation and many outside volunteers.It is in the second position of most used browsers with a market share of 22, 48% in April 2009, with a great acceptance by users who define it as safer, faster and better performance than Internet Explorer, also noted for its simplicity and ease of use.
  • Your browser engine to display web pages Gecko supports many web standards including HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS 1, 2 and 3, SVG 1.1 (partial), ECMAScript (JavaScript), DOM, DTD, MathML, XSLT, XPath, plus PNG images with alpha transparency.
  • It is multiplatform several versions of Microsoft Windows, GNU / Linux, Mac OS X, and some based on Explorer systems, including the Thunderbird email software.
  • As usual features added to all browsers, Mozilla Firefox also offers multiple plugins, extensions, add-ons and the ability to customize their appearance, Firefox also offers useful tools for Web developers as error console, the DOM inspector or extensions like Firebug, for these reasons and the fact that open source is preferred by programmers.

Safari Browser

  • Safari is the browser created by Apple Inc. which is integrated into the operating system Mac OS X in 2007 is a version of Safari for the Microsoft Windows operating system created supporting both Windows XP and Windows Vista, and smartphone iPhone also includes Safari to your operating system.
  • Safari emphasize speed, a very careful design, security and the benefits it offers, including resources for designers and programmers, getting in May 2009, a 8.43% usage in the browser market.
  • Your WebKit rendering engine is based on the KHTML engine developed by the KDE project for Konqueror browser and because of this, the internal engine of Safari is free software, and Webkit includes the WebCore and JavaScriptCore components.
  • The new version just released Safari 4 running JavaScript nearly eight times faster than IE 8 and more than four times faster than Firefox 3. thanks to its new Nitro JavaScript engine.Other added features are the Top Sites tool, a copy of Opera Speed ​​Dial showing most visited sites in a 3D world or Cover Flow, you can see the history and bookmarks offering prior to full screen view, among others.
  • The new Safari 4 browser also supports innovative HTML 5 and CSS standards with advanced multimedia web applications, fonts and graphics, and is the first browser that passed the Acid3 test that examines whether web standards compliant browsers CSS, JavaScript, XML , DOM, SVG and ECMAScript.

Opera Browser

  • Powered by Opera Software company, Opera browser is also a free Internet suite since version 8.50, Which in April 2009 had a use rate of 0.68% in the global market for web browsers.
  • Recognized for its high speed, security and constant innovation, Opera is also known for his support of standards – through its navigation engine Presto – especially CSS 2.1, in addition to HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.1, XHTML Basic, XHTML Mobile Profile, WML 2.0, XSLT, XPath, XSL-FO, 3 ECMAScript (JavaScript), DOM 2 Unicode, SVG Basic 1.1, GIF89a, JPEG, HTTP 1.1, and full support for PNG, including alpha transparency, among others.
  • Opera was the first browser that implemented the system of tabs, and besides the common features of all browsers, Opera also includes Speed ​​Dial, site personalization, thumbnail per tab and mouse movements in navigation and has built mail client Opera Mail and IRC chat.
  • The Opera web browser is multiplatform versions for Windows, GNU / Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, QNX, OS / 2, Symbian OS, FreeBSD and BeOS, among others, and Opera Mini and Opera Mobile for simple Mobile phone Smart and pocket PCs and devices Java ME-enabled.
  • Opera is the only browser available for the new generation of consoles Nintendo DS and Wii, also some digital TV decoders use Opera, and Adobe Systems integrated Opera technology for use in Adobe Creative Suite.

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Google Chrome Browser

  • Google Chrome is a browser created by Google in 2008 and is based on the project of free software and open source Chromium, the WebKit browser engine and application framework.
  • Chrome became the fourth most used browser in May 2009 with a 1.80% of Internet users.To achieve its aim of providing a browser with greater speed, security and stability, Google Chrome combines sophisticated technology and minimalist design, while providing a graphical interface simple and efficient user.
  • Google Chrome is available for Microsoft Windows, for users of Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2, while in June 2009 came the release of Google Chrome for Mac OS X (Leopard) and Linux primarily intended for web developers, because as warn from Google are still very unstable and even recommend not download these versions because it has important limitations with incomplete and unpredictable software.
  • Through the Webkit rendering engine Google Chrome supports standard HTML, Javascript and CSS, the installation process does not require restarting the browser to start working, besides becoming an independent process, so the lashes, so that if a windows flaw does not affect the rest or the browser.
  • The new version of Google Chrome supports many useful additional elements (add-ons), among them are Dual View Plugin, which divides the display panel into two halves allowing you to browse two sites simultaneously; ChromePass, which recovers passwords and user names stored in the Google Chrome browser; or XChrome a complete theme manager also install different skins with the click of a button.
  • Since leaving Google Chrome 3.0 in May 2009, many hailed his speed; implementation of different parts of HTML 5; to play videos through the label “video” without using Flash;Google Wave or application that will revolutionize the way people share information as well as allow users to chat and share documents, maps and links in real time, it also allows multiple forms of interaction based on the cloud (Cloud Computing) … among others.

Flock Browser

  • Flock is a social browser free and open source software based on Mozilla Firefox code, which specializes in providing social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, AOL Webmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and YouTube, plus Web 2.0 features built into its user interface.
  • Available as a free download, the Flock browser supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, through the Gecko browser engine that supports web standards thereof Mozilla.
  • Especially aimed at those who often use social software applications, Flock offers integrated favorite sites del.icio.us and Flickr, upload photos instantly, share photos and videos with drag-drop (drag-and-drop), feeds RSS or Atom, managing blogs like WordPress.com, Blogger, Livejournal, and others.
  • In May 2009 came the latest version, Flock 2.5 without structural changes but with improvements in overall application performance along with the full integration of Facebook and Twitter, and in March 2009 it was announced that Firefox Flock could stop and switch to Google Chrome.

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Definition of Negligence – What is Negligence and meaning?

Definition of Negligence

Malpractice , Latin negligentia is the carelessness or neglect . A negligent behavior usually involves a risk to self or others and is produced by the omission of the calculation of the expected and possible consequences of one’s action .
For example, a person talking on the phone while driving is committing negligence. It has been found that talking and driving are two activities that can not be done at once because the subject is disruptive and can cause a traffic accident.

Negligence is punishable by Justice , whether civil or criminal accordingly. Guilt is given in the omission of the behavior due to anticipate and avoid damage. In the example above, the person driving while on the phone presents a misconduct, since the risk of causing an accident is known to all; therefore, such conduct is punishable by law by speeding.

An individual who lights a fire in the middle of a forest also acts negligently. Do not judge, in these cases, the subject’s intention: that is, there is accused of trying to start a fire. Beyond intentionality, its action is negligent oversight and reflecting the potential harm caused to the environment and himself. If the fire gets out of control or is not turned off

as it should, the wildfire will occur although this was not in their plans. Justice, therefore, punish the subject.

It is noteworthy that negligence is not always as apparent as in the cases mentioned above; when it causes damage psychological in a third, not always have tests to find those responsible and bring the full weight of the law . This occurs with various types of abuse to which a person may be subjected, especially those who do not leave traces in the body.

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When a person is abused psychologically, especially when the victim is a minor and is under the supervision of one or more adults, the dynamics of abuse usually has more components than those found at a glance: Beyond the aggressor and its prey , there may be one or more potential witnesses. Neglect occurs when they are held to the side of the situation, either for fear of intervening or as a result of the denial , not wanting to accept that the abuse is real.

In a case like this, negligence, which may come from a parent or friend, generates almost as deep as the abuse itself damage. The victim must not only carry the memory of the humiliations suffered during a sometimes long time, but their trust in others becomes his worst weakness ; the negligence of that or those loved ones who have not acted when they were in time to interrupt or even prevent abuse , decided against it, becoming partakers indirect, going from friends to enemies . The wound is enhanced when the abuser used to be part of the inner circle of the victim.

Something that often carries negligence in most cases is serious consequences. This does not mean, moreover, that those who act without thinking always aware of their mistakes and learn from them not to make them again. However, when negligence is repeated systematically, since it is impossible to ignore its impact, it is more accurate to speak of intentional acts; in other words, to conduct.

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How to stop being lazy – “Overcome laziness”?

How to stop being lazy – It is so easy to become lazy on your day off instead of doing something useful. While it is essential to relax and enjoy doing nothing, it’s a bad idea to be lazy all day. In fact, there are many things you can do on your day off which does not include watching television or sitting at the computer all day. Below are some proven how to stop being lazy about your day.

1. Do not sleep in – How to stop being lazy

It is therefore tempting to hit the snooze button over and over again when you know you should not go anywhere. But it is actually a bad habit. While almost everybody loves sleeping in on their day off, it is important that you do not overdo it. Make a habit of getting up early, even on your day. Sleeping too much can be harmful to your health and it can make you lazy. 7-8 hours of sleep are enough to restore the mental and physical energy to your body.
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2. Clean – How to stop being lazy

You will feel more comfortable and ready for the day if you read you right away. Not only tidy up your room, it makes it harder to crawl into your bed You do not want to spoil your newly made bed, do you think? Clean your house as well and you will start your day more productive. I always feel better and more alert when my house is clean and tidy.

3. Get dressed and have breakfast – How to stop being lazy

The next thing to do after you wake up and make your bed to get dressed eat a healthy breakfast and. It is much easier to avoid laziness when you take a shower and get dressed in the morning. Do not skip breakfast, especially on your day off, and make sure your breakfast is healthy and nutritious.

4. Plan your activities in advance – How to stop being lazy

Plan your activities for the day ahead is an effective way to avoid boredom occur. Make a list of things you want to do or you need to do and plan your day accordingly. Try to do the things that energize you and do not drain. You should also have some back-up activities, such as nails done or do laundry. If plans change, you will not be stuck with nothing to do.

5. Exercise or simply walk – How to stop being lazy

Boost your energy levels and improve mood by going out and being active. When you work, even slightly, you are less likely to be sluggish. If you do not feel like exercising on your day, you can simply take a walk. Walking is a low impact form of exercise sweet which is free, easy and perfect for people of all ages.
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6. Stay productive – How to stop being lazy

You can spend your day doing nothing, but it is actually a bad idea. Sitting all day will make you lazy and you’ll just waste your precious time. Why not start the project you’ve been putting off for a long time? You will remain productive and feel happy that you have accomplished important tasks while remaining at home.

7. Have a cooking contest – How to stop being lazy

If you want to organize a potluck party, one of the best ways to do that is through a cooking contest. You can also organize a cooking contest at home. Although it can be a bit messy, you’ll have a lot of fun. Invite your siblings and friends and enjoy spending time together. If you do not want to throw a party and you do not want to hold a competition, you simply choose a meal that you (or your friends) have never cooked before and start cooking together.
There is a big difference between relaxation and laziness. Laziness is never a good thing and if you consider yourself a lazy person, try some of the tips above. We hope they will help you be more productive even on your day. Do you know other ways to stop being lazy on days off?

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Definition of governance – What is governance meaning?

Governance definition

Scording to the Petit Robert, the term “governance“, born in the thirteenth century, applied to bailiwicks of Artois and Flanders. It is up to us by the English “governance” in the 90s to try to define a notion quite complex and abstract yet poorly in practice.

Why space “good governance practices”?

Governance is a key issue of public policy and at all levels. It appears in the center of political discourse, both in the definition of objectives in defining the means by which the Executive intends to implement the goals it has set.

Near to the local authorities, more prone to control their action by citizens, are especially interpolates the need for good governance.

The Union of Towns and Municipalities of Wallonia – and hopefully tomorrow networking with its sister associations at European level – intends to provide the greatest number of successful experiences in the field of good governance.

What is governance?

The increasing complexity, the fruit of globalization has shaken quite archaic structures and established power relations. Open markets, as the various deregulation imposed by free competition, destabilizing the fragile stability of yesteryear.

Rather than balance, the increase in flow, financial, materials, products, human and cultural is likely to create a new form of Far-west (1) extended to the planet. That’s why the most reasonable call for a Global Governance to ensure the maintenance of higher purpose, not just mercantile. In fact it is somewhere to coach but especially not to reform the laws of competition.

From another perspective, the concept of governance seeks to answer the eternal question of effective decision making within increasingly complex organization, where we no longer really identifies the distribution of power, where the process decision is mainly characterized by confusion. It is also good to understand that the corporate decision-making is not an isolated act. It is expressed in duration as the coordination of collective action.

Governance, how it works?

In short, governance is a form of multi-stakeholder steering (stakeholders).The decisions are not the result of a single decision-maker (or group of decision makers) omnipotent, but the result of the consultation after carefully weighing the pros and cons for different stakeholder interests.

But is it really there dawn of a new expression of democracy? Slightly more participatory? Or is this just a variation over the new world order, a new additional layer to hide under the deviations of a controversial capitalism? To be continued…

Good Governance and Development

Democratic governance promotes development by giving a voice to civil society. It plays an active role in defining priorities and publicize the needs of the most vulnerable. Democratic governance thus allows to focus the energies on tasks such as the eradication of poverty, environmental protection and the promotion of gender equality.

In fact, good governed countries are generally less affected by violence and poverty. When the excluded are allowed to speak and their human rights are protected, they are less likely to resort to violence to find solutions. When the poor have a voice, their governments are more likely to invest in national policies that reduce poverty. In so doing, good governance provides a framework to ensure the equitable distribution of the benefits of growth

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7 tips for avoiding procrastination and manage time effectively

Procrastination definition?

Avoiding procrastination – It is the fact of always push after these tasks, lack of motivation but sometimes because of the fear of failure. This scourge affects all of us at one time or another in our lives. But with spring comes the desire to do a thorough cleaning, change habits, to free up time to enjoy sunny days … Anyway, this is the perfect time to find his motivation and say stop procrastination.

Take good habits with our 7 tips and methods to avoid procrastination and save time.

  1. Good organization – Avoiding procrastination

The organization is obviously the key word. If you collect tasks and do not you organize a minimum, you will feel quickly exceed the job mountain that awaits you, what drives you to procrastinate.

Ideally, the habit of writing down your tasks to do daily and weekly and sort by level of importance, differentiating those that are heavier than others.

  1. Look disciplines – Avoiding procrastination

Initially, to discipline is important. Certainly the first step, that of taking action is essential, but it is even more important to finish the job. Do not give up along the way and properly consider the time required to complete the task in question.

  1. Divide the tasks during the day – Avoiding procrastination

Always start with the task that will take you more time. With a mind fresh and lively, you will be more likely to finish quickly. Once finished work, your energy will be reduced, but this is not a problem because you organizing properly, you will now have only small tasks to do that will take you less time and concentration.

  1. Learn to ask for help – Avoiding procrastination

Some small tasks can certainly be made by your friends. To avoid too busy days, learn to delegate. As well as your loved ones can give you moral support. You’re struggling to keep up with good resolutions and give everything to the next? Talk to your loved ones so that they support you, you retentive when needed and monitor your progress.

5. Motivation – Avoiding procrastination

Motivation is of course paramount. You will have to begin with, but it can vanish as quickly as it arrived. Always think benefits: 2, 3 or 5 tasks performed in the day you will free time to do an activity you like! When you list your job to do the same for profits next door, so you can see the positive points, rewards, and therefore stay motivated!

6. Priorities – Avoiding procrastination

Some tasks are more priority than others. Do not set priorities according to your preferences but with respect to the importance of each task. By performing the most important and urgent tasks, you will get rid of weight, you will be less stressed. With procrastination, you lose a lot of time and fear of failure is important. More you stand to this organization, the better you’ll feel.

7. Manage time effectively – Avoiding procrastination

Of course, all of the above tips help you save time, it is undeniable, but here we will end up giving you a tip: learn to step back on your time management. The goal is to ease your days.If this is not the case, pause, think and analyze the situation in order to determine the element which it does not.

With these 7 tips, you now have all the keys to say no to procrastination and enjoy your free time without the guilt! Have you techniques to manage your time and avoid procrastination? Share it in the comments below!

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Definition of Litigation – What is Litigation and meaning?

Definition of Litigation

A Litigation is a lawsuit, a legal discussion is governed by all the rules and conditions to be observed before a higher court , understand: A Judge. The word comes from the Latin Litigation Litis and Litis comes from ” Lock in a judicial process in the application and answer “.

The term litigation was first used in Roman law , in the beginning, when judicial figures were used in the middle of betting, which became known as ” Praedes litis et vindiciarium “in this process, especially regarding the safety and security that can provide the court to possession of the consequences of losing or winning it.

If the ” Litis “included everything related to the” demand and defense “The” Litis contestatio “was called to the completion of the part of the trial in which he fought. This is decided by the judge, after the “set Litis contestatio “are clear all the terms to move to the analysis of both parties.

The word is used as an adjective to refer to legal proceedings in progress, either, property transactions, divorces, lawsuits, judgments. All these reciprocal concessions usually go into anobligation at issue. This process varies in time and everything depends on the handling of evidence and witnesses at issue fulfilled.

This judicial supervision spans the legal field, is present in processes that require resolutions that indicate multiple claimant state, i.e, when several actors perform an action together, this is called ” joinder “and when the process takes, no this list, and no judgmentfirm called ” Lis pendens “.

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Defining litigation lawyer

Litigation is a term describing the legal steps to solve a case between two or more private parties. Individuals may be individuals or companies. Litigation lawyers specialize in resolving disputes between private parties. They may litigate in court and out of these. Litigation attorneys can take a variety of causes, both civil and criminal proceedings.

Types of cases

Civil cases are those in which private dispute is resolved. Such causes include those related to divorce and personal injury as well as the sale of goods and drafting contracts. They can be between individuals or businesses. Civil cases are tried in civilian courts and often result in monetary compensation. In criminal cases, however, there are cases in which a person is subject to actions by the state government or federal. These cases are resolved in a criminal court and result in jail time or probation if the defendant is found guilty.

Settlement of disputes

To resolve the causes, most trial lawyers are alternatives to court. One way that frequent is the Alternative Dispute Resolution, which is a procedure in which disputes out of court can be discussed in a neutral environment. It generallyinvolve arbitration or mediation. Arbitration is a process in which an experienced legal professional listens to both sides of a conflict and renders judgment. Mediation is a less formal alternative in which a neutral third party negotiates with both sides and try to reach a compromise between the parties.

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Litigation attorneys use multiple payment methods, depending on your preferences. Contingency fees are generally used in civil cases. These fees are a percentage of the recovery rate if the client litigation lawyer wins the case. The flat rate is a certain amount of dollars that the trial attorney and the client agree before the lawyer to take the case. The attorney will estimate the amount of work involved and determine if a fee based on that estimate. The hourly rate is another popular method of payment. The lawyer and the client agree on a rate and billed according to the number of hours the lawyer worked on the case.

Utility litigation

Litigation lawyers can be very useful, even if the customer is not sure go ahead with a lawsuit. They can offer advice and ensure that statutory rights are being protected. Litigation lawyers can help the client decide the best way to win the case.

How to become a lawyer litigation

Law students can specialize in litigation law school. Students who wish to specialize in litigation focused his career in classes with teaching of legal proceedings, dispute resolution and customer interaction. So overall , students do an internship in a company from litigation before graduation.Once they graduate, students must pass the state bar exam of your choice to practice law.

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10 Tips How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating – If you have a chronic procrastinator, you know the pain and stress that comes with putting things. While you may have a desire to achieve something, to get the motivation to do it is another matter. Fortunately, overcoming your procrastination is easy to do when you put your mind to it.

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Steps – How to stop procrastinating


1. Step – How to stop procrastinating

Creating a to-do list – Yes, make yourself an old-fashioned list with flags and all. List of all, big and small, that you have to do for the whole day, break big events into smaller bits if necessary. Then, as you work through the day tick each of the items on your list. You will feel a growing sense of pride as you visually monitor your permanent reduction of the list of projects.

Focus your list including things that you would normally put off, not the things that you have to make on a regular basis.

If necessary, set a time frame for your items to be done. For example, the list of “take the dog for a walk at 12:30,” and not just “walk the dog”.

Review the list halfway through your day to rank items based on your highest priority. Then, to solve the most important of them, before looking at the smaller attractions.

 2. Step – How to stop procrastinating

Finish difficult things. When you have a project looming that bogging you and make you unproductive in other areas addressed in the first place. Finishing largest item on your list of things to do will make you feel more productive and give you the impetus to do other things that you are constantly pushing the side.

If your “big project” is something that cannot be done in one sitting, make a list of small parts that you can do today. Do not worry about the end of the whole thing, but to take action now to do so in the future is a breeze.

Make the final list for this one project, and it is placed somewhere you will see it on a regular basis. As you point out things for you will be motivated to continue to do so, and when he saw him on a regular basis will remind you that your project should be done.

3. Step – How to stop procrastinating

In a two-minute tasks. Whenever you are presented with something that you do not want to do, or would consider putting off, ask yourself, “It takes me less than two minutes to the end?”For many of us, this includes small things like taking out the trash or pulling a few weeds, but can include simple tasks in all spheres of life. Everything that you want to delay, but it takes two minutes to do – do it. Just bring myself to use the following 120 seconds to be productive and your debt you normally push for a few hours or days.

4. Step – How to stop procrastinating

Create timed work frenzy. If you find yourself in the depths of dreams removed, set the period of time to do nothing but work. Take ten minutes, and remove all distractions – phone, magazines, or your thoughts attractive love – and enter the work frenzy. Make yourself productive for ten minutes and then go back to what it was you were doing. Most likely, you will enter into a groove and continue to work at a fast pace, even if your madness timeout

5. Step – How to stop procrastinating

Give yourself a break. If you cannot concentrate and work half-heartedly to your problem, give yourself a brief break. Set the timer for ten minutes, and take a nap, read a book, or call your friend. Do what you’ve been dreaming about so that the temptation removed as soon as you return to work. Just do not forget to follow for your time, and do not ignore it when you finally alarm goes off.

6. Step – How to stop procrastinating

Remove distractions. While this may seem like a challenge to your mom or ends next chapter in your book are things that you need to perform in the near future, they will probably just distracting you from getting your work. Put on some noise-canceling headphones, turn off the phone, and hide their temptation (books, guitar, cleaning, whatever it may be).

If you have a problem with the internet surfing while you work on your computer, try using specialized computer applications, which limits your Internet use. Rescue Time is an application that blocks certain (or all) web sites for a specific amount of time that you established and may be canceled if your computer is turned off. You can download it for free on the Internet.

If your problem is to focus on writing an essay or report a lot of work, try using Own writer program. It is a word processing program that completely locks the screen (including taskbar at the bottom) and plays soft instrumental music or white noise to help you focus. You can download the basic version for free on the Internet.

7. Step – How to stop procrastinating

Do not be a perfectionist. If you wait for the perfect time, the perfect supplies, or you do not stop until you have “perfected” your project, you delayed the completion of your task. Avoid this “ideal” way of thinking based on quantity over quality. If your project does not require perfection, but you continue to focus on this, stop and go to the next task. When you finish all, you can come back and finish the improvement of your original problem.

8. Step – How to stop procrastinating

Motivate yourself. Many people say the reason they lay because they work best under pressure. So, what do you do if your projects have deadlines? Make your own. Set the time you need to complete your project, and either reward yourself at the end of this time, or set penalties for yourself if you are not successful in your endeavor.

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to motivate you. Give yourself a treat to look forward to as a reward for bending down on your to-do list, go to the movies, eat a chocolate bar, go out with a friend, whatever it is that will motivate you.

Try using negative reinforcement – taking something bad – as a motivator. For example, promise yourself that if you finish your essay on a Friday night you will not have to run your errands, doing housework, or whatever it is that you do not want do.

If the valve is not working for you, use punishment as a motivator. Use negative punishment – taking something good – to try to work. Do not allow yourself to believe that dream, eat your dinner, or finish your favorite book while your tasks have been made.

For the most severe examples of procrastination, put your money on the line. Give someone you trust a certain amount of money, $ 50, for example, and tell them to spend it on yourself if you do not finish your project by a certain time. Therefore, you should work to keep their hard-earned money in your own pocket.

9. Step – How to stop procrastinating

Get an accomplice. If you cannot work on your own, find a friend or family member to help you work. Ask them to call you to stay on task, and help you when you need it. To say to someone that you need to do is motivate you to finish the project, because if you do not do something you have to suffer the embarrassment to admit it to them.

Setting a few hours time, when you go around and fulfill all your projects with one another. Thus, you will have someone with you while you work to keep you focused and on track.

Schedule “returns” with his friend, where they call to see where you are. It could be the timing to perform certain tasks, at which point you will either praise or punish your friend based on your progress report.

10. Step – How to stop procrastinating

Focus on the ultimate goal. It is easy to see just a giant list of things to do and not worry any sense of accomplishment that killed them. How do you work, focus on all the free time, leisure, money, whatever it may be that you get when you’re done. This will help you stay on task and work towards your goal.

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How to stop procrastinating Tips

How to stop procrastinating – Think of the consequences if you do not complete your projects.

Keep track of your completed project over time, so that you can look back and see all the work you were able to finish. You’ll be amazed at what you are able to accomplish when you just put your mind to it!

Do not say yes. Do not start to take on too many tasks at the same time. Be sure you really have the time. Do not work on the project, if you are tired , or distracted in place not thinking ahead.

Avoid the phone. Do not go on your phone to text, call, etc.

How to stop procrastinating Warnings

How to stop procrastinating – Consult a specialist if your delay prevents productive, healthy life.